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                                                     Water Conservation 

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In recent years water has finally been recognized as being one of the most carelessly used commodities of our time… It is also recognized as one of the most precious and irreplaceable natural resources our earth has to offer.

In response, water conservation efforts, both voluntary and government mandated have taken aim at major water wasters. We at Certified Plumbing Services, Inc. can help you save water and money on your water and sewer bills.

Does your building have a water guzzling toilet? Most older properties have 5 gallon or 3.5 gallon per flush toilets. These toilet account for 40% or more of the water usage in most properties such as apartment building, hotels, motels, office buildings, condominiums, and single family dwellings alike. This 40% can and does account for a substantial and increasing cost of owning or operating such properties.

We at Certified Plumbing Services, Inc. can assess your current plumbing situation to determine how much water and money your property can save each month. If you think your water bill is too high for the amount of water you and your family use, then it is probably true.


Water saving tips

  • Have all leaky faucets repaired promptly
  • Check all toilets for leaks (Place a few drops of food coloring in the tank – not the bowl. A couple of tablespoons of instant coffee or Kool-Aid will work, too. Check the toilet after about thirty minutes. If the water in the bowl has some of the color in it, the tank is leaking, and the stopper and valve seat may need to be replaced.)
  • Check for underground or undetected leaks (Make sure no plumbing fixtures or faucets are being used in the house. Go outside and check your water meter. If the dial on your water meter is still turning, you may have an underground or undetected leak.)
  • Replace toilets to low consumption models (Retrofit to a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet. We have 1.6 gallon per flush toilets that perform without clogs or double flushing…Guaranteed! Most city jurisdictions offer rebates for changing toilets)

Certified Plumbing Services, Inc. loves to help large commercial property owners as well as homeowners. Call us today to analyze or check for hard to find leaks. We have helped larger properties save thousands of dollars on their water and sewer bills. (Most city jurisdictions derive a property sewer billing by the water usage, therefore if the water usage is high the sewer billing will be high as well.)

If you have a larger property and would like to drastically lower your operating cost, saving on your water and sewer bills is very important.

Stop wasting money and water. Call Certified Plumbing Services, Inc. TODAY and let us help you save! Or go to our “Contact Us” page and submit your information

"We support water conservation"