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We're licensed professionals who have serviced the Volusia County, Florida area for over 25 years.  Certified Plumbing Services, Inc. specializes in prompt, professional service and repairs; Complete plumbing installations, new work, residential and commercial remodels.  We can save you money on your water bill!  Ask us how. 

Owner/ Ron Harvley

Fully Licensed Master Plumber/ Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor.

Ron Has 40 yrs. experience,as a Journeyman and Master Plumber.

21 years in Business as Certified Plumbing Services, Inc.

Ron can be reached at 386-252-1000.



HIGHEST Efficiency Water Heaters (with or without Comfort Zone- Hot Water Circulation System w/ built in Timer...Pictured).

24HR. Leaking Water Heater Service...(Clean up/ Water Restoration Service Available)...Ask Ron About!

Faucets to fixtures, custom Remodels.


Weather you are remodeling your kitchen or bath, we can help you along the way...

Tubs, Toilets, Lavatories, Fixtures and Faucets...We can supply and install as needed.

Or, if you are performing a lot of your own work, we can install the fixtures you have already chosen.

We can install,extend or reconfigure your existing Plumbing piping as needed for your new bathroom or kitchen project

Give Ron a call to make an appointment for him to come take a look.


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Quality Residential Services

At Certified Plumbing Services, Inc., Our services Include:  Repairing pipe leaks , Replacing Hot Water Heaters, Replacing Toilets and Faucets, Tubs and Showers,  kitchen sinks, disposals and most residential repairs...We also install Hot Water Circulation  pumps and piping, Tankless Water Heaters, whole House Water Filtration and Water Softners... We ALSO are readily available for SERVICE CALLS on a daily basis, as you may need your leaking Toilet or sink, etc...Immediately repaired or serviced...CALL US TODAY AT 386-252-1000 FOR ANY OF YOUR SERVICE NEEDS OR QUESTIONS...WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Quality Commercial Services

Our commercial services Include: Pipe repairs and piping installations, Replacement of Gas Water Heaters and Circulation systems, Gas Piping, Condominium work, Backflow Preventer Installs and Annual Testing/ Repairs.

Specialty Services

Our services also include Handicap Bath Remodeling,  ADA and Comfort Height Toilets, Tubs and Showers, Grab Bars, Slide Bars,  Shower Hoses and Hand- Helds. 

Complete in-wall Replacements of Tub and Shower Fixtures.

Current deals

Right now we are offering deals on Hot Water Heaters Replaced and Hot water Comfort Zone Circulation systems...MENTION YOU SAW THIS DEAL ON OUR WEBSITE and receive a $50.00 Discount off of those installs!

Keeping You Compliant

At Certified Plumbing Services, Inc. We strive to keep your property compliant with your Backflow Preventers on your incoming water lines...

Weather you have a commercial or Residential Property, most will have an incoming water service line from your city supply.

You will probably have a required "Backflow Preventer" on that incoming waterline...

This device will need to be Tested and Certified, once a year, by a Licensed Backflow Testing company...We are that Licensed Company and we can perform all your annual Testing and/or Installations of those required devices.

We will keep a file of all your records and will notify you each year as your Tests are due...We handle all recording of test reports to the City Jurisdiction so you never have to worry about missing your annual due dates on these devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Q: "Can I put an Elongated Toilet where my existing Regular Round Toilet is" ?...

A: Yes, and we can do that for you, as long as there is door clearance at the front of the toilet, even the smallest of bathrooms can retrofit to elongated Toilets...Typically, elong. toilets add about 2 1/2" to the front.

* Q: I have an 80 gallon water heater and my house is 2 1/2 baths...can I change to a smaller water heater when I replace it ?

A: Yes, and we can do that for you...

a lot of existing homes have oversized water heaters and with the new "Mandated", High Efficiency Models...a 55 gallon Rheem Water Heater would be sufficient...and you would notice savings on your electric bill. Call  us today for any PLUMBING SERVICE NEEDS OR QUESTIONS...386-252-1000.

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